About University Catering

Student Catering Staff

At UC Santa Cruz Catering we are thrilled to provide you with diverse menu options and exceptional support for your event. We believe that customer service and quality should not be taken lightly, and we bring our award-winning service to each and every event.

Whether your university event is on campus or off, every dollar spent through UC Santa Cruz Catering goes back to the UCSC students and the Santa Cruz community through partnerships with local vendors. Since we are a non-profit catering service, your support helps build university and office infrastructure by creating even more student jobs, resources, and enhancements to help us serve you better.

Currently employing over 60 students, we offer real-life job skills by providing students with training and experience in project management, event planning, leadership, critical thinking, and sustainability. When you choose UC Santa Cruz Catering, you're supporting the professional development of UCSC students. 

Now, let’s get started!